Things I wish I had known before having a baby 

Things I wish I had known before having a baby 

​Having a baby is one of the most magical and exciting times in your life but it can also be very daunting. So here are 20 things I wish I had known before having a baby:

1) Sleep – you won’t sleep the same ever again. Sleep deprivation will hit you like a tonne of bricks, and being tired will probably make you cry.

2) They grow up fast – it’s no joke! It’s almost as if you blink and then all of a sudden they’re running around.

3) Baby brain – it’s actually a thing. You will probably have to start writing yourself lists so that you remember everything.

4) It’s okay to make mistakes – there is no such thing as a perfect parent.

5) Endless washing – your washing machine will never stop and you probably won’t see the bottom of the washing basket for a while but that’s okay.

6) Emotional wreck – you will most probably be alot more emotional after having your baby even if you think you’re tough. You will feel everything your child is going through and then some.

7) You will never love anybody as much as you love your child. You may have thought you loved someone before, but this is completely different. This is unconditional love.

8) You can never take too many pictures / videos. Take as many pictures as you can because they grow up so fast!

9) Going out will never be the same – a quick 5 minute walk to the shop will turn into a 45 minute walk and by then you would have probably forgotten why you even went in the first place.

10) You will never be the same. Becoming a mum changes you, I knew it would but not this much. Everything revolves around them now, it can effect your relationship and you’ll probably never wee alone again but it also changes you for the better, you grow up alot, you become a nicer person, you love more, you have a purpose and you pick up good habits like learning to budget.

11) Every child is different, every parent is different. Your children will always develop at different times to other children, some get teeth at 5 months and some don’t get them until they’re 1 – either way that’s okay. Every parent is different too, we all have different preferences and opinions and some might breastfeed, some might bottle feed – either way your baby is being fed and that’s what matters.

12) Your body will change – you will be very critical of your post partum body, and it will take time to lose your baby weight. I mean I’ve just carried a baby for 10 months, My daughter was 8lbs for goodness sake – don’t expect to lose it all overnight. I put on just over 2 stone during my pregnancy, it took me 6 months to lose it all and at 13 months pp I weigh 7.5 stone. Don’t throw your clothes away – my mum convinced me that id never fit back into my pre pregnancy clothes and as a first time mum I completely agreed, but when it came to it I found that all I had was size 12/14 clothes when realistically I was back to my size 8 body.

13) Read before your baby arrives, do as much research as you can because there is so much to turn about babies and motherhood. However whether you read or not, your motherly instincts will kick in and it will all come naturally to you.

14) Ask for help, being a new mum is hardwork. Childbirth is exhausting, being a mum is exhausting – so make sure you accept any help that you are offered even if it’s just doing the washing up.

15) “Sleep when the baby sleeps” people that say this have the best intentions however it’s not always possible.

16) Get out of the house – you might find yourself so caught up in being a mum that you forget about the rest of the world when in reality you probably haven’t left the house for 2 weeks. Forget about the housework and take 5 minutes to yourself, put baby in the pram and take them for a walk even if it’s just down the road and back. Fresh air is good!

17) Doctors are not always the most helpful, trust your motherly instincts. If you think there’s something really wrong with your baby, speak up.

18) You will appreciate your mum a lot more.

19) You will probably find that after a few months you are non stop cleaning, you probably antibac your kitchen sides 10 times a day, and you’ll find you’re picking up toys and packing them away 10 times a day too.

20) That the whole finding other mummy friends and babies for your kids to socialize with can actually be harder than dating and can be just as heartbreaking. Anxiety might get in the way, I know it does for me. 
So there is 20 random things I wish I knew before having a baby.

Thanks for reading,

Zoe x


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