Things to Make you Feel and Look Beautiful While at Home

These days it is harder than ever to feel like you art your best. It’s important to not let your confidence down these days that you are at home and there are things you can do to look and feel good. 

Here are some things that make you feel and look beautiful while at home:

Shop online

We all need a little something once in awhile to feel special and beautiful, and a little retail therapy can be good for the soul. Take some time to shop for summer pieces that you’d like to add to your wardrobe, like some new elegant dresses for summer that will make you feel like a princess. Wear your dress or favorite look around the block, to the pharmacy, for an at-home event, etc. and you’ll feel that confidence boost.  

Do your hair and makeup at least twice a week

Now is a great time to avoid heat styling your hair and to let your skin breathe, but if you’re someone who just feels more put together, beautiful, and/or motivated with your makeup and hair done—then go for it! You can keep it as minimal or glam as you want.. it is all about what makes you feel good. If there is a hairstyle or makeup look that you want to try out, this is also the time to do a test run while at home. 

Do some light workouts to make you feel good

Exercise helps to reduce stress and uplift your mood, and getting some light workouts in is both good for your health and will help you feel accomplished and confident. If you like to get a sweaty workout in, do that! If you want to try out yoga, Pilates or dance class, there are many workouts available that you can do online.  

Give yourself a manicure

There’s just something about a manicure! Give yourself a manicure at home and really take the time to shape your nails and treat your cuticles. Whether you opt for a nail polish or go au natural, end with a hydrating lotion and 

Organize your closet and have fun while doing it by trying on pieces with your friend on FaceTime

Going through your clothes, trying on fun pieces and ending with an organized closet that you are excited to go shopping in will uplift your spirits and get you excited about what you do have all over again. Make it even more fun by FaceTiming a friend and sorting through together!

These days it may be a bit hard to feel okay, but these gradual steps will help you feel more confident and that extra bit of self-care can make all the difference.

*written in collaboration with Emily Jones.

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