Toddler Bedroom Lust List

Toddler Bedroom Lust List

Since Christmas our house has been swarmed with toys, I am still trying to find a home for them weeks later and that’s after already sorting old toys into bin bags. But it seems like I’m not the only one, I’ve seen a few posts recently on Facebook and Instagram asking where everybody is putting their kids toys. I reccomend the toy storage units, 100%. I got mine from eBay with 4 boxes for £50, bargain! 

I’ve been looking at new beds too, you know those big house beds that look like little dens.. Alyssia would love that!! When we first moved here Alyssia’s bedroom was painted lilac, I loved it. But when she was about a year old I decided it was time to paint it again, I wanted to have something a little more ‘grown up’ so we went with a dark pink paint & some owl wallpaper. It’s very busy & I do kind of regret doing it now, I long for white walls & canvas’ but Alyssia seems to like the owls at the minute. Maybe we will redecorate in the Summer, who knows. 

There are a few things that I found online that I really loved. 

Teepee – I have always wanted to get a Teepee for Alyssia but have settled with a popup tent for now.

Junior Chef Pink Play Kitchen – I plan to get a kitchen for her 2nd birthday next month.

Grace Collection Drawers – I love this, infact I think I’d like some for my own bedroom.

Grace Collection Toy Storage Box – A beautiful toy storage box from my favourite collection.

Pink Nordic Duvet Set – I love this duvet set, it is so magical and Alyssia would love it.


Have you got a dream bedroom for your little ones?

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