Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

Eeeek! It’s that time of year again, I cannot wait for Christmas 2017. This year we are kicking things off with a Toddler Gift Guide. My little girl will be very nearly 2 years old this Christmas so I have based my gift guide on what I feel is suitable for her age group.

1. Wonderbly Book £16.99 – These books are amazing, the illustrations are incredible and I love the idea of my child being a character in the book. Personalised gifts are always a big hit at Christmas, not only do these books include your child in the story itself but it also helps them learn to spell their name. They make brilliant keepsakes and If you are anything like me and have chosen a unique name / spelling for your little one, this would be perfect for you. My little girl is called Alyssia and I have never seen her name on anything already made in the shops.

2. Wooden Owl Musical Set £34.99 – I love this musical set, it is bright and perfect for children aged 18 months and above. This musical gift encourages hand and eye co-ordination and creativity, as well as stimulating the senses. Also, it enhances listening abilities and fine motor skills. Alyssia’s bedroom is owl themed and we are a massive fan of wooden toys so this musical set is right up our street. This set is perfect for little hands and is amazing quality.

3. Fisher Price Beatbelle £18.15 – Alyssia got the Fisher Price Beatbelle for Christmas last year from my parents, she would of been about 10 months old at this point. She loved it then and she still loves it now at 21 months, it is one of her favourite and toys and I cannot recommend it enough. If you’re thinking about buying it, I would definetely say go for it. It speaks, it sings, it has lots of different music, dances and is full of lights and colours that your baby will love. Alyssia’s favourite bit is pressing the red button and talking into the microphone, beatbelle then repeats what you’ve said to her. You can also get the Beatbo in green and yellow rather than pink and yellow who is the brother of Beatbelle. Highly Recommend.

4. My First Thomas & Friends™ Railway Pals™ Destination Discovery™ £34.99 – We love the Thomas & Friends train track, Alyssia enjoys sending the trains flying down the track and enjoys building it as much as I do. When my youngest brother comes over, he enjoys building it with her and they could easily sit there occupied for hours. We have actually bought Alyssia another train for christmas to add to her collection. I have also written a blog post and review about it here.

5. ToddleBike2 £23.95  – This is another one of those gifts that I cannot recommend enough, Alyssia absolutely loves her toddlebike and I am so so glad we got it for her. I actually wrote a full review on it here. For the price you really can’t go wrong, its brilliant quality, it’s lightweight (so light that it can be put on the back of a pushchair & your toddler will be able to lift it themselves) its safe, it comes in three different colours & your toddler will love it. Guaranteed.

6. Little Feminist Board Book Set £12.99 – I LOVE these. They are cute little books, suitable for toddlers with pictures inside representing real women who have made an impact on our lives in the past. I would love to get these for Alyssia, they’re super cute.

7. Janod Vehicles Chunky Puzzle £15.00 – These puzzles are really cool, I love that they’re wooden and full of colour. They’re chunky so easy for little ones to pick up and they can also be played with separately, they do one with animals and one with vehicles but Alyssia is really into cars & planes etc at the minute so I want to teach her the difference between the two.

8. Janod Wooden Firefighter and Fire truck £8.50 – I love wooden toys and would choose them any day over plastic ones, we’ve got a few wooden toys now and this would look lovely in amongst her collection. Wooden toys don’t ever really break, they’re amazing quality & I love the colours on these toys. As I said above, Alyssia is starting to learn her vehicles and I think it’s so important for them to learn the emergency service names when they are toddlers.


So there are my 8 products for this years Toddler Christmas Gift Guide. I hope this helps you with a few last minute ideas. Is there anything that you would recommend? Leave a comment.





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  1. Susan Wood
    November 18, 2017 / 7:12 pm

    Love it!

  2. November 20, 2017 / 4:01 pm

    I obviously don’t have a toddler or even baby (yet!) But I love the idea of wooden toys as gifts. They feel a lot more personal and traditional, and don’t get ‘lost’ in a sea of plastic. I think personally I would prefer a wooden gift for my child over a plastic one. Plastic ones just seem SO mass produced, although I’m sure some wooden ones are too. They just have a sweeter vibe to them!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

    • November 20, 2017 / 4:02 pm

      I completely agree! I’m a massive wooden toy fan too! I bet you can’t wait to buy it all for little man! ? xxx

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