Tommee Tippee Day & Night Perfect Prep Machine – Honest Review

I have always wanted a perfect prep machine ever since I was pregnant with my first born. They've always caught my eye and have been said to be a life saver particularly for night time feeds. I breastfed my first daughter for the first couple of weeks and then we moved onto bottles. I wish I had bought a perfect prep machine then but unfortunately at the time it wasn't a justifiable expense. We had a kettle and a Tommee Tippee bottle warmer which did the trick. But she had awful colic and looking back I wish I had bought one sooner. I also breastfed my second daughter for 3 months and then she went onto formula, boiling the kettle in the night and waking my toddler up was such a pain and it was quite a lot of work in comparison to the perfect prep. It takes on average 2 and a half - 4 minutes to boil a full kettle. You then have to cool the water down in a jug which takes another few minutes and add the powder. Not ideal when you have a screaming baby in your arms wanting milk and mummy cuddles. The perfect prep machine takes just 2 minutes to fully make your bottle to the perfect temperature. (Its true - I've timed it multiple times) The perfect prep machine retails at £129.99 and comes in a range of different colours including, black, white, red and grey. It comes with a small Tommee Tippee Bottle, a lid for shaking the bottle and a brand new filter.

How to use the perfect prep machine: Is it easy to use?

Yes, easy peasy! Setting up the perfect prep machine was pretty straight forward, all I had to do was put the filter in and then follow the steps on the screen which guided me through how to clean it etc. You turn on the prep machine by the middle button on the digital screen. You select your chosen bottle size, for example if you want to make a 5oz bottle you select 5oz. It will then tell you to add the powder to the bottle, you click the middle button and it will then tell you to place the bottle on the stand. You press the middle button again and it will add a hot shot. Next, it will ask you to put the lid on and give it a shake, you skip through the steps by pressing the middle button and it will ask you to put the bottle back on the stand to then it will add the correct amount of cold water.

Is it worth it? 

At first I'll be honest, I wasn't convinced, I absolutely loved the look of it and the convenience behind it but we have a fussy baby on our hands and the perfect prep machine wasn't making the perfect temperature bottles for our baby. I think if I had used it from birth or straight away after breastfeeding she would have been used to this temperature and we wouldn't have had a problem however I have found a solution. Isabelle is 6 months old and drinks 7oz bottles every 3-4 hours. I had a go at using the perfect prep machine on different settings and soon realised that by clicking the 5oz bottle setting, it gives you 2oz of hot water. To make a 7oz bottle the perfect temperature for our baby, I use the 5oz bottle setting and then click the 5oz setting again to add an extra (2oz) hot shot equalling a 7oz bottle. This works amazingly for us. So yes, it is totally worth it in my opinion. If you have the same problem but aren't comfortable with adding extra hot water, you could always buy the Tommee Tippee bottle warmer which I could imagine would also make life a whole lot easier.

Each night I steralise my bottles in the Tommee Tippee Steraliser. I fill my formula tubs up, I have a circle one from Tesco that holds up to 3 feeds and I put that next to the prep machine. In the night all I have to do is go into the kitchen, grab a bottle, pour in the formula (this stops me from over or under counting the right amount of formula scoops - we've all done it!) turn on the perfect prep machine and voila! 2 minutes later the bottle is ready & baby is being fed. So simple, quick & easy to use!

Any cool features?

You can adjust the volume settings on the perfect prep day & night machine which I love. I have actually got mine on Silent so it doesn't wake anybody in the night. The screen lights up which makes it easy to read and it has warning lights which come on if the machine needs more water or if you need to replace the filter etc. Filters should last around 3 months before you need to replace them. A new filter costs around £10.99.

It is super quick and easy to use once you get the hang of it and I would never go back to using a kettle now that we have this little gem on our side. It is the biggest life saver for night feeds, even at 6 months we are still up in the night and using the prep machine has made life so much easier. It's much safer than a kettle, much quieter (it sounds like a quiet coffee machine rather than a loud kettle) and best of all, it doesn't wake my toddler. Win! All in all, I would definitely recommend the Tommee Tippee Day & Night perfect prep machine, it is a true life saver for us. It might just be my favourite item in the kitchen!

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  • Another new innovation, and makes making bottles for Isabelle so much easier, and less time consuming, happy baby happier mummy xx

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