Ways to Relax During Pregnancy

Being 25 weeks pregnant and having a toddler to run around after isn’t always easy, in fact at times it can actually be very stressful especially seeing as your hormones are absolutely everywhere. Sometimes it just gets a little bit too much and you need to take a break. I have actively been looking for things to make me feel more relaxed because let’s be honest, stress isn’t good for anyone and especially not if you’re pregnant. I wanted to share what I’ve been doing / aim to do this pregnancy..


This is something I have been reading about for a while but I was too scared to mention it just in case everybody thought I was mad. It turns out it’s actually alot more popular than I thought. My birth with Alyssia was a positive experience and this was with no idea what I was doing, I won’t lie and tell you labour doesn’t hurt but I do believe that it is more ‘powerful’ than it is painful, and with that in mind I am really hoping that I can do some more research on hypnobirthing techniques and put them into practice. I am all for a positive mind and reading positive affirmations has really been helping me to get in the right mindset. For the last few nights I’ve been going on youtube and listening to calm pregnancy music to help me relax and eventually fall to sleep. It has definitely helped and has also been helping me through the Braxton hicks on an evening. I’ve also been listening to Lynn JT’s ‘Birth like a Boss’ series and have found that to be really useful too alongside the Katherine Graves audio book. This time around I am hoping for a calm chilled out birth at the birth centre, that was the plan last time but it all happened a little too fast and it didn’t go the way I would have liked, however was still a positive experience all in all. This time I am determined for it to go my way, so I am doing all that I can to make it happen.

Prenatal pampering

I’ve never been one to go all out and have a proper pamper session, I’ve never been on a spa day and I’ve never really made much of an effort to treat myself but it is so so important to have some ‘me time’ when you’re a parent and even more so when you’re pregnant. I’ve been searching the web, as always to see if there’s anything near me, Groupon have some great new deals on at the minute when it comes to pampering so I’m thinking of maybe looking into spa days or I might even just make the extra effort at home. I’ve found that going for a nice warm shower once the toddler is in bed and the house is half tidy really helps me to relax, however I might even treat myself to a candle lit bubble bath one night if I have time, I’ve not done this in such a long time.

Going on Holiday

Is there any better way to destress than by just packing a bag and going on holiday? If only it was that easy hey. Though saying that we have booked a glamping holiday and I can’t tell you how excited I am to just get away for a few nights. I’ve been trying really hard lately to get out and about more with Alyssia and making the most of our time as a family of three before our second little girl arrives in September so we are calling this holiday our ‘babymoon with a toddler’ if that’s a thing? and I can’t wait to just chill out in the sun. I definitely think that fresh air and sunshine acts a big stress reliever, I always feel better once I’ve been out and got some fresh air, don’t you? I’m loving picnics in the sun, walking around farms and going to the beach though my hips aren’t enjoying it very much.. maybe I will go for that bubble bath after all.

What do you do to relax?

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