Weddings, Announcements & Honeymoons abroad.. Will I ever get married?

Weddings, Announcements & Honeymoons abroad.. Will I ever get married?

There have been a lot of engagements, weddings and announcements happening around me over the past few months, including my own special announcement being that my daughter is finally going to be a Big Sister. It’s got me thinking about future plans and dreams. What do I want from life? Do I ever want to get married? Where will I be in 10 years time? I can’t stop asking myself questions and I figured it was time to sit down and talk about what I want for the future.

Since finding out that we’re having a second baby, I’ve been thinking (panicking) about moving into a bigger home, can we stay where we are? Will we have to move to somewhere bigger? Should I go private rented or is that too much of a risk? or should we look into buying a place? I’ve been thinking about possibly saving to get a mortgage somewhere, and even marriage has crossed my mind with everyone around us getting hitched but neither are something we would be able to afford to do at this current moment in time and let’s be realistic, despite having lived together for nearly 4 years, having a 2 year old daughter and another baby on the way.. we’re still young and have so much time to save money as and when we can so why not just make a plan. I always thought those ’10 year plans’ were a silly idea but actually, once you’ve had children it’s important to make plans for the future even if it’s just for days out and holidays.

I spoke about my dream home on the blog recently and I wanted to talk about weddings too seen as they’re a hot topic at the minute, most people want a big expensive wedding but I know how much they cost and I really couldn’t justify it unless I had spare money coming out of my ears. My dream wedding would actually to be to elope, My Auntie & Uncle ran off to get married and had the time of their lives. When they got back to the UK, we had a big family get together and it was really nice. Now you probably wont believe this but I do hate being the centre of attention and I know I would hate to have everybody staring at me at the alter, I can just imagine being that one person who faints in front of everyone at my own wedding… that would be pretty embarrassing wouldn’t it.. therefore I would love to just run away and get married. Some would say that it sounds pretty selfish but a big wedding with both families just wouldn’t work for us. I would love to go to Gretna Green once I’m done having children so that they can all be there on the day and in the wedding photo’s.

In terms of exotic destinations, I would love a honeymoon, a holiday away just the two of us (can you imagine the peace and quiet?!).. I would love to go back to Spain or maybe even Cyprus, somewhere hot definitely. We’ve never been abroad together so that would be a fun experience in itself. There’s currently a competition running with Destination2 where you can win a holiday to Mauritius. I find myself browsing the web quite often for houses to buy, holidays abroad and even honeymoon destinations despite knowing I definetely can’t afford it. Does anybody else do this or am I just a dreamer?

If you were to get married, would you have a big wedding or would you elope too?

Would you go abroad for your honeymoon or would you stay local?

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