What Can My 17 month old Say?

Just a quick disclaimer before we get started, this post is in no way written to boast about her speech and to rub it in to anybody who’s children are not yet saying this many words. I am in no way a professional and am sharing from my own personal experience as a parent.

Alyssia said her first word at 9 months old which was of course mama.Β At one years old she was saying just 5 words: mama, dadda, ta, hi & yeah. Β Now at 17 months old she can say 50+ words, incredible!

So you’re probably wondering what we have done differently in the last 5 months?

The first thing that we did was buy some books, don’t get me wrong we had a few but they were mostly just one word picture books. I bought her some story books and we started to read every day and night, most nights we read a story before bed as part of our bath, book, bed routine. Alyssia has a book shelf in her bedroom & a toy storage unit in the living room which also has some books on. Sometimes we will sit in Alyssia’s ‘princess castle’ (tent) & read, and sometimes we will sit on her beanbag and she’ll sit on my lap. She loves to turn the pages and point to the different things, I often ask her questions like ‘whats that?’ or ‘where’s the…’ and she will say the word & point. In the day times Alyssia will go and get a book off the book shelf and bring it to me.. she usually just comes and sits on me with her book, so I know she wants to read.

Another thing we have done over the past few months is take her dummy away during the day times, don’t get me wrong she still has it now and again but I have stopped giving it to her so much and have noticed that without the dummy she will talk a lot more. I try and limit it to just bedtimes where she has her dummy as I feel like this has been a big step forward for us and I would definitely recommend doing it if you haven’t already.

The other thing I have started doing is talking to her whilst I do household activities, I used to just let her watch TV with her dummy in whilst I did the household chores but now Alyssia comes to help me. I started taking the dummy away and she talks to me more, I also talk to her more and tell her what I’m doing as I’m doing it for example if I’m putting the washing machine on I’ll say something like “We’ve got to put the powder in that one, then the conditioner, then we shut the door (she shuts the door) and then we push the drawer shut (she pushes the drawer shut for me).” This has really helped her, If I am cleaning with dettol & a cloth or an antibacterial wipe she will copy with a wet wipe and always try to help. One thing I will say is definitely let them get involved, it might take longer and it might not always be ‘convenient’ but it really does have its benefits.

I think its important to add that all children develop at different rates, you might have a toddler who can talk sentences by the time they’re 2. You might have a toddler who doesn’t say their first word until they’re 2. Every child is different but I do believe there are things you can do to help them progress.

How many words can your little ones say? Are they big talkers or do they not talk yet at all?


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