What have I achieved so far this year?

What have I achieved so far this year?

I feel like there is so much negativity in the world at the minute that I need something to just get myself out of it. I recently wrote a post listing 6 goals that I want to achieve over the next 6 months so I figured I would do a post listing what I have achieved so far this year..

Here are 6 things that I have achieved in the past 6 months:


 Goals that I have achieved
  • I started a blog – I started blogging properly in March this year and honestly, I’ve never looked back its the best thing I have done since having my little girl and I have met some incredible people.



  • I was nominated as a Positively Inspirational Blogger on Britmums which I am incredibly proud of. 
  • I was rated #669 in the tots 100 out of a good 10,000 bloggers, considering I only started 4 months ago I am so happy with this result.

  • I have finally found the courage to cut certain people out, it is so important to always surround yourself with positive people.. I wasn’t & things needed to change.


  • I am still fighting my anxiety, there are days where I literally cannot leave the house at all but there have also been days where I have faced it & have taken Alyssia out by myself or even walked into a shop alone.


  • I set up the #YoungMumsProject – this is a project focusing specifically on young mums, it is a guest post series that I host every Friday on the blog and there is a different young mum taking part every week, you can read all of their stories here.  


So there are 6 goals that I have achieved in the last 6 months, have you achieved anything that you’re proud of?


Thanks for reading,

Zoe x




  1. July 20, 2017 / 1:52 pm

    It sounds like you are doing really well, well done celebrating those success of the last six months. Mich x

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