What I would look for in a house if I were to Buy

I’ve talked about my dream house on the blog before and no matter how much I face reality and know that we can’t afford to buy yet, I am still pretty obsessed with ‘just having a look’ and I am loving all of the home renovation accounts over on Instagram. We currently live in a block of flats that looks out onto a patio courtyard, ever since we moved here I said ‘Why Isn’t there patio doors or a porch here?’ because it would honestly be ideal and so much easier than walking all the way round the back.. when I move house, one thing I do want to make sure that our house has, is a porch and patio doors.. I don’t know what it is about them, I just love them..

I remember walking to my friends house each day on the way to school and waiting for her in the front porch, it always smelt so nice and I loved that they had somewhere specific to put their shoes, that sounds so silly but its true. I’m always falling over our shoes in the hallway and we don’t have enough room for a storage unit which is annoying. I think one thing that puts people off having a porch is that they’re usually quite cold but not if you get the right windows, here are some neat ideas for double glazed porches.

Having a second baby on the way is stressful, don’t get me wrong it’s the best thing in the world but it makes you panic a little when it comes to having enough room. Do I need a bigger house? a bigger car? A porch so I can fit my shoes in? How am I going to afford all that? Trust me, it all goes through your mind but until a bigger house or a bigger car is possible, we will cope. For now, I’m just going to dream about it instead..

My dream home would have:

  • 5 bedrooms A double room, a room each for my 2 children, a spare bedroom which would most probably be turned into a games room for my partner and an office so that I could work from home comfortably, ideal.
  • 3 bathrooms – one downstairs, one upstairs and an en-suite for us, this means that we all get our own bathroom really and guests can use the loo downstairs.
  • Porch & Patio doors – obviously, this is what I have been talking about the whole time. A nice smelling, warm double glazed porch (with shoe storage, I might add) and patio doors looking out onto the garden.
  • A Garden probably a given when you have 2 children, I long for the day that we have our own garden to play in and have BBQ’s in during the Summer.
  • A bigger kitchen and living room area ours is currently all-in-one which is nice, but it can get pretty squashed at times, especially when you have extra guests.

What would you have in your dream home? Would you go for the little things like a porch just so that you could have shoe storage? I certainly would!

2 thoughts on “What I would look for in a house if I were to Buy

  • If I could afford one I would have a three bed bungalow, one being an Bedroom /office /library so I could write and do research and have a small bed just in case. There would be the master bedroom with ensuite, a second bathroom for guests, nice sized kitchen (Definitely not open plan as I hate them,) living room/ dining room nice garden which I could enjoy, Not wild about patio windows, but must have a nice view, and nice and friendly neighbours, also on a bus route. Not that I will ever have one, too many people will say I don’t want one at my age, but then its none of their business. I hope one day you do manage have your perfect home Zoe for you and your lovely family. Love you loads x

    • Thats a brilliant example, I love that! A bungalow would be ideal and a nice garden with pretty flowers would be lovely. I dream for the day I have an ensuite and a nice garden for the children to play in. I best start playing the lottery hey! ? xx

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