This is my second christmas as a mama and my first time doing a christmas eve box, last year I didn’t put much together as she was only around 10 months old but I still bought her 2 christmas books & a pair of pjs. This year she is a whole year older (obviously) and I wanted to make more of an effort. She absolutely loved her halloween basket so I can’t wait to do the same for Christmas. Alyssia will still have her stocking from Santa & her presents from mummy and daddy but I wanted to jump on the band wagon & do her a christmas eve box. Every family is different, don’t feel like you have to do anything like this just because others are, we never had christmas eve boxes as a child but we did sometimes have new pj’s or were allowed to open one present on christmas eve. This will be my 3rd Christmas with Rob in my life so we have made it our own tradition to have a Chinese Takeaway on Christmas Eve and spend the evening wrapping presents & preparing for the next day. Christmas is tight this year so I have been on the hunt for some bargains (you all know I love a bargain).


Whats in Alyssia’s Christmas Eve Box?

Peppa Pig Book – I bought this in the Sainsburys toy sale for £2.49. 

Christmas PJ’s – I originally bought Alyssia a pair of Christmas Pudding PJ’s from Tesco but I have decided to let her wear these through December and have ordered matching PJ’s for all 3 of us to wear on Christmas Eve.

Santa’s Magic Key – We live in a block of flats & don’t have a chimney so even though she’s only little, I decided to include the key so that she can play with it and might begin to understand what’s going on. 

Reindeer Food – I love this idea and decided to buy it online rather than make it myself as obviously I’ve only got the one child to buy for. We took Alyssia to see Santa last year at our local Garden Centre and we got involved with the activities one in which was making Reindeer food. This year we can go out and sprinkle it.

Reindeer Teddy – This is from The Works and Alyssia has been obsessed with it since we left the shop. We have been reading the ‘That’s not my Reindeer’ book so she’s starting to recognise the characters.

Letter from Santa – I love this idea and will be doing it again next year. 

Chocolate Penguin – Since Alyssia has been allowed to have chocolate, she has loved every second of it.

Festive Bath Mitten – I thought it would be nice for Alyssia to use this in the bath the night before Christmas.

Christmas Elf Cup – She can drink out of this during the day or maybe have some cold milk in it at bedtime.

Sticker Book – This is from Amazon again and I just know she’s going to love this, I got her a Peppa pig sticker book for Halloween and she went crazy over it so I’m hoping I’ll get the same reaction this year.

Felt Stickers – Again she had felt stickers for Halloween and she loved them so I wanted to do some more christmassy crafts with her before the time runs out. I thought maybe this could be an afternoon activity.

Slippers – Oh my, how cute are these!! We were very kindly sent these by Next & they are adorable!!

Plate for Santa – We used to always leave out a plate for Santa with a mince pie, a cup of milk (or a beer) & a carrot for the reindeer so I figured I would start the tradition off young & teach Alyssia the same.

Alyssia’s Christmas eve box is also from Amazon.







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