What’s Inside My Daughters Memory Box? & 4D SCAN FOOTAGE.

So I thought I would switch it up a bit and show you what’s inside my daughters Memory/Keepsake Box. First of all, I am aware that this isn’t as popular as the ‘What’s in my changing bag’ posts (If I’m honest, I’ve never seen one before) so you might not even know what a memory box is, if that’s the case here is an explanation…

According to google a memory box is a container that holds special things belonging to you. It might include photos, some favourite music, letters or a recorded message. These objects and messages can help remind your children or loved ones of happy times you spent together and offer them some comfort.”

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I knew that I wanted to buy a memory/keepsake box to hold onto anything special. I was told ‘No don’t buy one of those, you’ll get bought all of that when baby arrives’ so I listened and when the time came, I was never a memory box / many presents at all if I’m honest (not that I’m complaining, I got the best gift when I gave birth to my baby girl). However, I was a little bit annoyed that I hadn’t bought it when I first saw it. This box was just £4.99 in Store 21 but it was the one I wanted as it had the year on it.

The first thing I put in our memory box was our scan photo’s. I found out I was pregnant at just 6 weeks, finally plucked up the courage to go to the doctors at 8 weeks for it to be confirmed and we had our first scan at 13 weeks. The whole experience of the first scan was so surreal, I can remember it so clearly – I was absolutely petrified but also very excited. We managed to get lots of scan photos and we shared the news as soon as we got the all clear.

Here is a close up of our first scan at 13 weeks. It looks like she is smiling which is just crazy!


Over the following months we had quite a few scans alongside a private 4D scan that my parents paid for as a Christmas present. When we went for our 4D scan, Baby A decided that she wouldn’t cooperate and the sonographer had me drinking hot chocolate, eating biscuits & doing star jumps in hope that it would get her moving however she was too comfy & refused to move into a better position so we were actually offered another free 4D scan a month later. We got to keep the DVD & the photographs from the first 4D scan & we also got to keep the next lot which was amazing, we were so lucky to get so many photos.

The 4D scan was amazing and if I’m honest its probably one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. Although it cost just under £100 for a private 4D scan, it was so worth it and I would recommend it to anyone especially if you are expecting your first baby. It is definitely something that I would like to do again.

This is a picture of Alyssia’s feet, it was so amazing to see on screen.

Seeing your baby on the Screen in 4D is so so strange and If I’m brutally honest, some of the photo’s do make them look like little aliens but it also gives you a little insight as to what your baby is going to look like. When Alyssia was first born I could definitely see the similarities in the photographs and I was so glad I was able to capture all of this footage before I had her as I actually had these scans done towards the end of my pregnancy. 

The next thing in Alyssia’s memory box is a newspaper.. you might be thinking ‘right okay? why is there a newspaper in there?’ Well that was the first thing that came to mind when my dad bought me a newspaper when he visited me in hospital after I had given birth to Alyssia. He handed it to me and I couldn’t help but think ‘Dad, I’ve just given birth – I don’t want to read about Boris Johnson’ but then he pointed out the date. My dad bought me a newspaper which represents Alyssia’s date of birth. After realising this, it is something that I am going to treasure forever.

The next few items in Alyssia’s memory box are the most special to me. These are her tiny hospital bands, her first knitted hat, her umbilical cord clip, her bounty d.o.b tag & my hospital admission band. We were given the hat by the hospital as a gift with a pink and white knitted blanket which she still sleeps with to this day.

When Alyssia was born, we were given lots of ‘new baby girl’ and ‘welcome to the world’ cards which was nice, we had just recently moved into our first family home together and it was really lovely to receive so many cards from family & friends.

Over the first few days I really struggled to feed Alyssia, my milk didn’t come in until day 3 (as expected) and I really struggled to latch her despite getting lots of help at the hospital. At first we actually had to syringe feed her but once I got home I was able to express & this helped.. a lot! I express breastfed for the first 2 weeks & I actually kept a little diary of each time she was fed and how much etc as my baby brain was so bad & I was one sleep deprived mama.

Some people might think that this is weird? But I personally think that it actually really helped me, I have always been a ‘list maker’ and even now 16 months later – it is really lovely to look back on. It would be interesting to know if anybody else has made lists like this in the newborn days & did you keep them like I did?


The next thing in Alyssia’s memory box is her photo album, this includes the photo’s from the first few weeks of her life. I have got photographs of her with individual family members, and photo’s of her first bath etc.. This photo album cost me just £1.99 in B&M. I bought this when I was around 17 weeks pregnant & at this point we didn’t know what we were having so I bought a photo album that was gender neutral. I got the photo’s printed when Alyssia was a few months old & despite taking probably over a million photo’s of her since then – I still haven’t got any more printed. (This is on my to-do list) I need to get the photo’s from Alyssia’s first year printed including the photographs from her first birthday. I am hoping to be able to print an album off each year for Alyssia so by the time that she is 18, she will have 18 photo albums of her life. It will be hard to cram a year into just 1 album but I’m sure I can do it if I really try. I absolutely love the quote on this photo album.. “Tiny fingers, Tiny Toes, Rosy cheeks, Button Nose”


My First Mothers Day










Next we have got the card from My first ever Mothers day as a mummy, it was just so amazing to wake up next to my daughter who was in her moses basket right by my side. I still couldn’t quite believe that she was all mine, and that I was now.. well.. a mum on mothers day.



Now this photo never fails to amaze me. This photograph was taken on our first mothers day in 2016 when Alyssia was just a few weeks old. On the left is a photo of me as a baby, on the right is my daughter Alyssia – She is the absolute spitting image of me here and if you look at it quickly it honestly does look like the same baby.

Here is a photo from our First Mothers Day together, a day that I will treasure forever.


The next thing in Alyssia’s first ever baby footprints.. These were done at a local baby group around Easter time when Alyssia was just 4 weeks old. Look how tiny her feet were! I actually compared this to now & honestly I wish I hadn’t – She has grown up so much! Looking through this box has got me in tears already…


Next in Alyssia’s memory box we have got our first ever Christmas cards as a family of 3 and Alyssia’s first card from mummy and daddy. We have also got all of Alyssia’s first birthday cards & banners etc in here too but I am hoping to make a scrapbook for her out of those (another thing on my to-do list).


Alongside Alyssia’s memory box she has also got a teddy and a comforter that she has had since birth & she has also got a memory blanket which we got made out of her newborn clothes, I would also definitely recommend doing this as its something you can keep forever and you can get them made into teddies too.

That is everything that is in Alyssia’s memory box. Do your little ones have memory boxes? 


Thank you for reading,

Zoe x

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