Why Buying a Second Hand Car is the better option..

When you have young children it isn’t worth having a really nice flashy car because it will get messy very quickly. Not only that but buying a new car is expensive and realistically a lot of us can’t afford to buy a brand new car out right, we would have to get a finance loan and pay it off over a set amount of years. This isn’t ideal as new cars are expensive to run, remember you’re not just paying a large sum of money for the car but you’re also having to pay out for insurance, tax, MOT & any maintenance repairs that are needed. When you buy a second hand car, you have more options. The first thing is that they are much cheaper to buy and finance options are still available. Wherever you are in the UK there are many second hand car firms around. For example you could book a used car online in Brighton with just a few clicks.

I have grown up around cars as my family have taxi and car garage businesses in the area, so I have experience in knowing what to look for in a second hand car. I was bought a second hand car for my birthday in 2015 and have had it ever since. I learnt to drive in a second hand car and I felt much more comfortable knowing that if it ever got damaged I wouldn’t have to pay out too much, whereas if I was learning in a brand new car and accidently hit a wall whilst learning to drive, I’d have to pay out quite a bit to get it fixed. Since passing my driving test in 2016, I have had so much freedom and have been able to take my girls out in the car instead of walking everywhere. In the rain it can be quite stressful with two children in tow. Not only that, having a secondhand car has meant that all of my outgoings are cheaper. Insurance for the first year when you pass your test is always quite high but I managed to bring mine down to £1800 with a black box on board whereas I can imagine in a brand new car, my tax and insurance would rocket.

Being a young mum on a low income is hard at times and having the option to buy a second hand car at a much cheaper price is amazing. It is cheaper in every aspect, tax, insurance, MOT, repairs etc.. if you’re thinking about buying your first car I would definitely recommend getting a second hand one to start with even if later on you decide you want to pay out for a brand new one. Quite often you can come across cars that are fairly new at a much cheaper price so it’s a good idea to have a look out.

In my opinion, second hand cars are definitely the way forward.

Was your first car a second hand car?

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