If you live in the UK or in the countries near by, you will have seen the snow. It’s everywhere you look, the news, social media, outside your window.. everywhere.. we got our first dose of proper snow this week in Somerset since I was a little girl and while it was lovely to see it falling at first, it has caused quite a few problems across the UK and my god it’s chilly out.. I managed to drive my car to town (5 minutes away) and back again on Thursday before the snow hit us fully, our town was on red alert and all of the supermarkets were absolutely rammed. We drove to Tesco and got a few bits that we needed, luckily we had already got our 6pt of milk for the week and a loaf of bread the day before.. Tesco was bare, empty.. absolutely no milk or bread left and as soon as the snow got heavier it was announced that the whole of our town had run out of both, milk and bread and I’m just wondering why.. I’ve seen lots of people panic buying, buying things they’ll probably never use and things they’ve probably never even bought before “just incase” but what actually is the obsession with milk and bread? It’s a staple, I guess.. but do you really need it that badly that you’ve bought 3 times more than you normally would “just incase”.. while I understand that its something we all buy, can’t you go a few days without it?! There are so many other things you can eat for lunch rather than a sandwich, try crackers, noodles, an omelette.. it’s not hard once you really think about it.

In terms of milk, why are people buying 5 cartons instead of the odd one or two.. fair enough maybe buy one extra but do you really need 5?! I personally think that to stop people from being selfish and buying the lot, they should be prioritised to the people who need it most, toddlers and children!! My toddler will not go to sleep at night without a bottle of milk, it’s her comfort and it’s not something that’s going to change over night but if we were desperate I would give her water instead. Whilst I agree that everyone is entitled to buy what they want from the shops, do you not think it would be good to prioritise those with younger children? I’ve seen mums on facebook begging for just 1pt to get their little ones to sleep while there’s people out there who have bought 3 cartons, frozen 2 and definetely don’t have young children, all for the sake of a cuppa tea.. Am I wrong?

As an adult, I can go days without milk or bread because I would find other things to eat. We’ve got noodles, pasta, all basic foods in but they’re all foods we can have at lunchtime if there’s no bread. What is the obsession with milk and bread? and why the fight? Not only that the snow is here for a few days tops, is it really that bad? I’ve heard of people going out in cars just to get some for the sake of a 10 minute walk & its dangerous.. so so dangerous. There have been so many crashes this past week and people don’t seem to realise that they are going to be the emergency if they don’t just follow advice & stay off the roads.. today the sun seems to have come out and the snow is slowly thawing away, I’m still not brave enough to drive out of my estate but it does seem to be drivable out there now, thankfully.

While this seems to have been a bit of a ranty post, there have also been so many lovely people going around our town and helping to shovel snow, clearing pathways, there’s been 4×4’s giving nurses lifts to the hospital and even people going round to check on the elderly.. it’s just a shame that there are people out there who buy way more than they need meaning that people are actually begging just for a bedtime bottle for their little ones.. what a crazy world we live in.


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