Why It’s Important For Parents To De-Stress

Why It’s Important For Parents To De-Stress

I think we can all agree that being a parent can be extremely stressful at times, not only are you solely responsible for a little human (or a few if you’re brave) but we are also human too, and we all need time to wind down once the little ones have gone to bed, lets be honest.

De-stressing for Mama’s

A way in which I have been winding down is with a Reset & Restore Pamper Kit, sounds amazing right? That’s because it is, before now I had never really had a pamper kit, I mean we’ve all tried a bath bomb & a cheap face mask but when was the last time that you actually had a proper pamper session? Forever & a day ago.. When I saw the Reset & Restore Pamper Kit I just couldn’t resist, it’s almost as if the words just pulled me in.. Reset & Restore, just what this mama needs. It is quite literally the gift of peace.

My first impressions:

I was impressed with the customer service, my parcel arrived within just days of ordering & it was well packed. I love the packaging, the tin box is really cute, it has a lovely mint green / turquoise colour. When I opened the box, the inside products were beautifully wrapped in a brown paper & had a little sticker on saying ‘hello beautiful’. Even the little message inside made me feel better & that was before I had even tried the products.

Restoring Bath Oil // The Bath Oil smells amazing, it smells very much like tea tree oil & definitely gives you that sense of relaxation. I always find comfort in oils & when I was pregnant with my first baby I absolutely loved them!

Radiant Face Oil // The Face Oil smells good too, it has a slight lemon smell which again is very refreshing.

Nourishing Lip Oil // The Lip Oil doesn’t smell as strong as the other two but the Lip Oil is my favourite out of the two 10ml bottles both in which have roll on applicators. The Lip Oil is very nourishing on the skin & for somebody who suffers with dry cracked lips in the cold weather, this is perfect.

Sleep Mask // The Sleep Mask that comes with the oils is extremely comfortable to wear, I don’t sleep with it on but it is nice to have a few minutes with your eyes shut to help yourself relax.

I would definitely recommend getting yourself one of these pamper kits, you can buy them here.

So those are my first impressions on the Reset & Restore Pamper Kit. It’s safe to say I was extremely impressed with the products that I received and my skin now feels amazing thanks to this pamper kit.




*This post was written in collaboration with Mens Society.



  1. August 23, 2017 / 11:00 am

    You’re absolutely right, mamas are humans too and we all need to reset and restore, the bustle of looking after kids means that a lot (most) of us sort of push our needs to the side and run on empty, this kit looks amazing and a great reminder that we deserve some me time! Your photos are also goals! Xxxxxx

    • August 23, 2017 / 11:04 am

      Thank you so much Georgina. The kit is really good & I would definetly reccomend it. I quite often need reminding to sit down & chill out for a second. & Thank you, I am working on my photography at the minute & feel like it’s slowly improving! Xxxxxx

  2. Susan Wood
    August 30, 2017 / 10:02 pm

    Sounds very inviting, just what is needed. I am sure many mothers will treat themselves to one.

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